Creating Success
With an audience spanning 60+ countries and thousands of episodes downloaded each day, Creating Success features interviews with successful, creative people. Mitchell keeps these entertaining conversations flowing, so you get the most from listening. Guests include Steve Wozniak, Gary Numan, Stan Lee, and Johnny Winter.
BuzzBender features interviews with movie, TV, and music personalities. Promising to never conduct a press junket style interview, Mitchell keeps these informative conversations on-target. Guest include Shrek director Chris Miller, Kip Winger, George Lynch, and Ade Fenton.
Creating Success
Sold in 450+ bookstores including SF MOMA, Creating Success is filled with clearly explained, simple-but-successful career building strategies and philosophies. Hailed by Judy Brown, formerly with the LA Weekly, as “This is the guide that will help you get to both your dreams and mortgage payment!”
Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame
“Love Songs” album cover artwork for Heavy Metal pioneers Blue Cheer. Premiered at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the “Greatest Album Covers that Never Were” exhibit. Final size 20" x 30."
“What makes working with Mitchell so much fun is he listens hard to understand what you need and always adds the magic that’s such a surprise and unexpected.”
—Craig Butler, Exhibit Curator

Limited Edition
From BioFractals, a series of psychedelically inspired digital paintings done as limited edition 20" x 24" Iris prints. Owned by collectors in 13 countries around the world.
Trilliant Networks
As creative director, Mitchell led online marketing in support of $100M in revenue and 1M+ in Smart Meters deployment for Green Tech initiatives. Playing an integral role with this leading innovator in the Smart Grid, he created and maintained corporate websites & intranet, tradeshow demos, and mailers. Results included +340% in website traffic, +40% in job queries, and +30% key sales response rate in permission marketing.
Sun Microsystems
Design and rendered the Sun Java logo used by Sun Microsystems in marketing and promotion materials across the Internet.
Westwood Studios
“Swords and Sorcery” video game cover. 3D illustration designed and rendered on the computer.
“#1 in EPROMS” print ad. 2D illustration created by hand with pen & ink using traditional hand-cut overlay films for coloring.
Point of sale promotional artwork featuring Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Centipede. 2D illustration created by hand with airbrush, paint brushes, and colored pencils.
Software Toolworks
“SpeedBall 2” video game cover for Nintendo GAME BOY. 2D illustration created by hand with airbrush, paint brushes, and colored pencils.

Get MAD Gear
Featuring E*Shirt graphics illustrated by Mitchell. Designs include Razbot, Weinerbot, Coolbot, Fredbot, Dilbot, Taterbot, Monsterbot, and Eyebot. Printed on high-quality white t-shirts in a range of sizes.

Air-Cooled Clothes
The perfect gift for Porsche & Volkswagen fans.
Silver Age Comics
One-owner collection of the very best Silver Age comics featuring key issues from Marvel, DC, Gold Key, Tower, Warren, and others. All are unslabbed with most being in “fine” to “very fine” condition.